Principal's Message

Take privilege to invite you for a glance of the college web site.   As the Principal of this college,Government Model Residential Polytechnic Srisailam  is established in 1986.It is one of the most prestigious residential institutes in Andhra Pradesh. We are offering Diploma in Civil Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. I am overwhelmed and feel proud with the dedication of the college staff for their outstanding and all round performance in providing the best education for our students in our entire state.We impart best educational resources along with best discipline inside the campus. We work in team lead by my leadership to promote best education for the agency area students.The students of this college showed high level performance in  sports and games and made us pride to show up.Technical education is the backbone of the country for its economic development .It provides the practical education to the students so that they can groom their personalities to highest level. It leads to remarkable and positive dent in the development of country's growth. WE WORK FOR THE STUDENTS AND FOR OUR SELF SATISFACTION.